C06​​ -​​ CPA Academy Update Course with​​ CAPM:​​ Integrating Mental and Physical Health: Primary Care Issues in Psychiatry, Approaches to Functional Neurological Disorders, and Managing Eating Disorders on Medical Units

Saturday, 24 October​​ 

13:30 – 16:45 (3 hrs plus 15 min break)

Braden O’Neill, MD, DPhil, CFPC; Lindsey MacGillivray, MD, PhD, FRCPC; Julia Raudzus, MD, FRCPC


CanMEDS Roles:​​ 

  • Medical Expert​​ 

  • Health Advocate​​ 

  • Collaborator

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:​​ 1)​​ Describe important updates in physical and primary health care relevant for those who care for individuals with mental illness; 2) Evaluate​​ recent evidence about the clinical care of individuals with functional neurological disorders, as well as biopsychosocial contributors to the development of this condition; and 3)​​ Apply approaches to the care of individuals with eating disorders disorders which affect both physical and mental health.


This​​ Course will be an interactive and thought-provoking session exploring recent developments in consultation-liaison (CL) and medical psychiatry. It will be useful for both general and CL psychiatrists. ​​ Dr. O’Neill, a family doctor and researcher, will discuss issues in physical and primary health care that are relevant for those caring for individuals with psychiatric disorders. He will provide overviews of physical health conditions that commonly affect patients with mental health conditions, focusing on evidence-based approaches to management.  ​​​​ Dr. MacGillivray, a psychiatrist with a practice in functional movement disorders, will speak about recent advances in our understanding of the bio-psych-social contributors to functional neurological disorders. She will address evidence-based approaches to care for these individuals. Dr. Raudzus, a psychiatrist and medical director of the BC Tertiary Adult Eating Disorders Program, will discuss skills for the management of individuals with eating disorders on general medicine units. ​​ Participants attending this Course will have the opportunity to engage with each member of the course faculty through question-and-answer sessions. ​​ The course will focus on both practice and theory. Participants will be able to reflect on their current clinical management, how this aligns with best practice, and ways to modify to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.




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  • O’Neill B, Ferrer R, O’Brien P, et al. Improving equity through primary care: proceedings of the 2019 Toronto International Conference on Quality in Primary Care. The Annals of Family Medicine​​ 2020;18(4):364-369.




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