Candidates for President-Elect

Candidates for President-Elect shall:

a. Have served and contributed significantly to the CPA by membership on either the Board, or another CPA governance structure.
b. Be highly regarded by their peers and CPA members for integrity, professionalism and leadership.
c. Have a balanced perspective of psychiatry in relation to important regional, national, and international issues, and reflect the ethical values and beliefs of the great majority of CPA members.
d. Be comfortable with public speaking and interacting with the media and politicians as the public face of organized psychiatry.
e. Be willing and able to dedicate significant amounts of time in fulfilling the duties of President.
f. Not have already served in the offices of President-Elect, President, or Past-President.
g. Already be a Director or be standing for (re)election as a Director representing a province as outlined in Section 2.1(a) of the Composition and Selection of Board of Directors Policy.