Accredited Group Learning (Section 1)

Group learning events developed by physician organizations may be approved for Section 1 without being codeveloped by the CPA.

Physician organizations may be provincial psychiatric associations, subspecialty academies, hospital departments of psychiatry and subspecialty societies. Programs planned by a nonphysician organization with physicians who are affiliated with a physician organization do not qualify as physician organization programs.

Criteria and Application Process for Section 1 Events Planned by Physician Organizations

The CPA must codevelop Section 1 CPD events with nonphysician organizations. Codevelopment requires CPA involvement in the program from the initial stages of planning, and is not possible for programs that have already been developed.

Included in the definition of nonphysician organization are groups such as pharmaceutical or device manufacturers, medical education or communications companies and consumer or disease-specific organizations.

Requirements for CPA Codeveloped Programs