Accredited Self-Assessment Programs

Accredited Self-Assessment Programs (Section 3)

Self-assessment programs (SAPs) approved under Section 3 must be developed or codeveloped by a committee consisting of members of a physician organization as defined by the Royal College.

Examples of organizations that meet the Royal College’s definition of a physician organization include: provincial psychiatric associations, subspecialty academies, hospital departments of psychiatry and subspecialty societies.

Programs planned by a nonphysician organization with physicians who are affiliated with a physician organization do not qualify as physician organization programs.

Royal College Standards for Approval of Accredited SAPs
  • SAPs must be developed to address a defined need within a specifc subject area, topic or problem.
  • SAPs must describe the methods that enable participants to demonstrate or apply their knowledge, skills, clinical judgement or attitudes.
  • SAPs must provide detailed feedback to participants on their performance to enable the identification of any area(s) requiring improvement through the development of a future learning plan.
  • The content of SAPs must be developed independent of any commerical influence or other conflicts of interest.

For information on how to apply, contact the CPA at or 1 800 267-1555 ext. 229