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KP02​​ -​​ Are There Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabinoid Products in Adult Mental Illness?

Le​​ samedi, 24​​ octobre​​ 

10:00​​ – 11:00​​ (1​​ hr)

Phil​​ Tibbo, BSc (Hons), MD, FRCPC; Nathan Kolla, MD, MSc, PhD; Romina Mizrahi, MD, PhD, FRCPC


Rôles CanMEDS :​​ 

  • Expert​​ medical

  • Promoteur de la santé

  • Leader


À la conclusion de cette activité, les participants seront en mesure de :1)​​ Appreciate the role of fatty acid amide hydrolase, a key enzyme of the endocannabinoid system, in the pathophysiology of borderline personality disorder; 2) Appreciate the small body of literature on therapeutic cannabinoid RCTs in mental illness; and 3)​​ Appreciate the role of neuroinflammation in the context of cannabis use.


As a result of the Canadian Federal Governments legalization of cannabis for recreational use, there has been a healthy discussion at various levels around the harms and potential benefits of cannabinoids and cannabinoid-based products. Past research has been brought forward and there has been a concerted effort by the government to support cannabis research, recognizing the gaps in the literature. This plenary will feature three speakers that will discuss different areas of cannabis research. Two of the speakers will be focusing on the study of some of the molecular mechanisms by which cannabinoids may affect the course of certain psychiatric illnesses and may modulate neuroinflammation through the use of new neuroimaging techniques. This cutting-edge research will be accompanied by the presentation and discussion of a recent systematic review of randomized clinical trials in this area and how that informed the development of a new position statement for the CPA on the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid products.


Références :

  • Kolla NJ, et al. Elevated fatty acid amide hydrolase in the prefrontal cortex of borderline personality disorder: a [11C]CURB positron emission tomography study. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2020;45:1834-1841.

  • Tibbo PG, Crocker CE, Lam RW, et al. Implications of cannabis legalization on youth and young adults. Can J Psychiatry. 2018;Jan:63(1):65-71.

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