The CIHR – CPA Glenda M. MacQueen Memorial Career Development Award for Women in Psychiatry

Application Instructions

Individual applications shall be submitted online only in either English or French*. A complete CDA application package includes:

• A completed online application form
• An updated CV
• Two leadership letters of reference: each must include the name, title and affiliation of the referee
• Detailed budget for proposed activities; See Guidelines section for allowable costs. All amounts should be stated in Canadian dollars
• PDF of the signature page including signatures of the applicant and individual(s) with signing authority from the Institution Paid
• Personal leadership statement (maximum 2 pages)
• Mentorship and capacity building statement (maximum 1 page)
• Research contributions and vision statement (maximum 1 page)
• Environment and support statement (maximum 1/2 page)

*In line with CIHR standards, French applications are allotted an extra 3/4 of a page for their application.