Psychiatrists praise Liberals for making mental health a priority in their health agenda

Psychiatrists praise Liberals for making mental health a priority in their health agenda

—Vancouver, BC, September 30, 2015—

The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) applauds Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau’s promise to negotiate a new Health Accord with provinces and territories—an accord that would include mental health as a priority.

The Liberals announced they would establish a pan-Canadian Expert Advisory Council on Mental Health to advise on implementing the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s recommendations. In addition a Liberal government would create new centres of excellence that specialize in mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder and related issues for both veterans and first responders.

“This is a significant commitment to Canadians who struggle with mental illness and mental health problems. The holistic approach outlined by the Liberals has the potential to seriously reform mental health services and systems which have long been the orphan of Canadian health care,” said Dr. Padraic Carr, President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

In any given year, one in five people in Canada experiences a mental health problem or illness, with a cost to the economy of well in excess of $50 billion.

This Liberal plan promises an integrated approach to mental health reform so as to ensure access to acute services, tertiary care referrals, housing, primary care, and community and multidisciplinary team management. The plan for mental health reform is part of a 10-year investment of nearly $20 billion in social infrastructure promised by the Liberals.

The Canadian Psychiatric Association is the national voice for Canada’s 4,700 psychiatrists and more than 900 psychiatric residents. Founded in 1951, the CPA is dedicated to promoting an environment that fosters excellence in the provision of clinical care, education and research.