Psychiatrists recognize outstanding contributions to mental health at their Annual Conference

Psychiatrists recognize outstanding contributions to mental health at their Annual Conference

—Toronto, ON, September 30, 2018—

Last night the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) recognized exceptional psychiatrists, psychiatric residents and individuals for their contributions to the mental health of Canadians.

Dr. Lisa Gagnon from Calgary, Alberta, was awarded the CPA C.A. Roberts Award for Clinical Leadership for transforming psychiatric care in Calgary on several fronts. She was recognized by her peers for consistently improving and providing superior quality care and introducing many innovative programs. She founded the Women’s Mental Health Clinic, which is in service to assess and treat mental health disorders in pregnancy and postpartum. She has also worked towards reducing aggression on psychiatry units by implementing intervention programs at the Foothills Medical Centre.

Dr. William Honer from Vancouver, British Columbia, received the CPA J.M. Cleghorn Award for Excellence and Leadership in Clinical Research in recognition of his valuable contributions to the clinical research of schizophrenia. His research has established the effectiveness of medication treatment for first-episode psychosis in mitigating symptoms and relapse. The award not only recognized the excellence of his research, but also the leadership role he has played in knowledge translation and advancing the next generation of psychiatric researchers.

Dr. Sagar Parikh from Ann Arbor, Michigan was recognized with the CPA Paul Patterson Innovation in Education Leadership Award for his innovation and creativity in generating visibility for the CAN-BIND research program, a multi-university enterprise devoted to research and the transformation of depression. He was praised for his major contributions to both continuing professional education and public education aimed at the dissemination of the latest advances in depression research and treatment.

Dr. Alan Bates from Vancouver, British Columbia, was awarded the CPA Early Career Achievement in Psychiatry Award for the exemplary work that he has accomplished early in his career in the domains of clinical practice, research, education and advocacy. Dr. Bates is currently the Provincial Practice Leader for Psychiatry at the BC Cancer Agency, leading 15 psychiatrists across six sites. He also created a consultation liaison psychiatry service for all inpatient units at the BCCA, and developed Provincial Psychosocial Oncology Rounds. His advocacy work and community involvement with the Vancouver Street Soccer League is another reason he is most deserving of this award.

R.O. Jones Awards for Best Papers
1st place: Zenovia Ursuliak, Jad Sinno, Flint Schwartz, Lisa Corra, Amanda Sockett, Michelle Paul, Ingrid Waldon, Amy Bombay
2nd place: Sanjay Rao
3rd place: Jennifer Hensel, Mariette Chartier, Okechukwu Ekuma, Leonard MacWilliam, Natalie Mota, Richardson Tachere, Chelsey McDougall, James Bolton

2018 CPA Annual Conference Best Research Poster Awards
1st place: Julia Longenecker, Tony George, Peter Voore, Michael Bagby, Kwame McKenzie, Bruce Pollock, Lena Quilty
2nd place: Anees Bahji
3rd place: Ling Zeng, Robert Zipursky

2018 CPA Annual Conference Best Early Investigator Poster Awards
1st place: Kaitlin Pattrick, Candice Luo, Nikhita Singhal, Nitika Sanger, Douglas Chung, Stephanie Sanger, Lehana Thabane, Zainab Samaan
2nd place: Shaina Archer, Carson Chrenek, Jennifer Swainson
3rd place: Irina Mihaescu

Fellows and Distinguished Fellows of the CPA
On Thursday evening, at its Annual General Meeting, the honour of Fellow of the CPA was bestowed upon CPA member psychiatrists: Dr. Lisa Andermann, Dr. Peter Chan, Dr. Karine Igartua, Dr. Richard Montoro, Dr. M.S. Renuka Prasad and Dr. Adrienne Tan.

Dr. Patrick Conlon, Dr. Diana Kljenak, Dr. Biju Mathew and Dr. Mark Rapoport were honoured with the distinction of Distinguished Fellow of the CPA.

Other psychiatric organizations also recognized the excellent work of their colleagues during the CPA Annual Conference:

Alex Leighton Joint CPA-Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology Award in Psychiatric Epidemiology
Dr. JianLi Wang

Association of Chairs of Psychiatry Award for Excellence in Education
Dr. Jonathan S. Davine

Association of Chairs of Psychiatry Annual Research Award
Dr. Tyler Kaster

Association of Chairs of Psychiatry Award for Creative Professional Activity
Dr. Priyanthy Weerasekera

Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP) Award for Outstanding Contributions in Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr. Carole Cohen

Joint CPA – Council of Psychiatric Continuing Education (COPCE) Award for the Most Outstanding Continuing Education Activity in Psychiatry in Canada
Dr. Allison Crawford, Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam and Linda Mohri and Eva Serhal

Canadian Organization of Undergraduate Psychiatric Educators (COUPE) Award for Best Paper by a Psychiatry Resident
Dr. Carol Zhou

Canadian Organization of Undergraduate Psychiatric Educators (COUPE) Award for Best Paper by a Medical Resident
Ms. Danusha Vinoraj

The Canadian Psychiatric Association is the national voice for Canada’s 5,200 psychiatrists and more than 900 psychiatric residents. Founded in 1951, the CPA is dedicated to promoting an environment that fosters excellence in the provision of clinical care, education and research.

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