Residents Psyche – CPA Junior Investigator Research Colloquium : Dr. Geoff Konrad

Residents Psyche – CPA Junior Investigator Research Colloquium : Dr. Geoff Konrad

CPA Junior Investigator Research Colloquium
Dr. Geoff Konrad

This past year, I had the good fortune of being able to attend the Junior Investigator Research Colloquium, associated with the CPA Annual Conference. It was a great experience for me, and had an impact on the way I view integrating research into my career.

The colloquium is composed of two events: a light social gathering the evening before, and the actual colloquium. The evening event was an enjoyable way to meet other residents with research interests and get to know several of the mentors for the following the day. It was casual conversation over a smorgasbord of appetizers and cold, crisp cocktails. A great way to ease into the following day.

At the colloquium, residents were divided into tables of five or six in addition to two mentors. The mentors were from all over Canada, and in some cases America. Not only were they leaders in their respective research fields, accomplished educators and clinicians, they were also approachable, helpful, and inspiring.

In small groups, every resident presented their research and had the opportunity to receive feedback, suggestions, encouragement, and next steps from mentors. It was a great venue to receive fresh perspectives and cheerleading. The day also included brief presentations from the mentors, with a primary focus on incorporating research into careers.

At the end of the day, after meeting with residents and mentors with varying degrees of research interest and experience, I was left with the feeling that a career including research was not out of reach for me, but rather an opportunity with promise. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the colloquium and am grateful for its impact on my upcoming career following residency. I would strongly encourage any resident who has an interest, big or small, in research to attend this colloquium in the future.

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