Residents Psyche – CPA MIT Chair : Dr. Amanda Degenhardt

Residents Psyche – CPA MIT Chair : Dr. Amanda Degenhardt

Dr. Amanda Degenhardt

I am excited to be serving as the Chair of the MIT Executive this year and continuing on the CPA Board of Directors as your representative. The CPA is the national voice for Canadian psychiatrists that is member driven and focused. It is our hope to continue to foster resident growth and engagement within the CPA. This year we have many great initiatives planned to help with resident engagement including a speaker’s corner, leadership training, social media, and resident networking with CPA Leaders locally!

Part of facilitating CPA’s pillars is developing future psychiatric leaders through training resident physicians and early career psychiatrists in leadership. We are excited to be introducing leadership training at the annual conference meetings and have applied for funding for webinars to make them accessible to all psychiatry residents regardless of time and distance!

Leadership is a core component of CanMEDs and integral to all physicians. In residency and beyond, being a successful leader is dependent on the foundational skills learned in aspects of personal, organizational and operational leadership. It is our hope that we may be able to implement a five year rotating module has been designed to cover core leadership topics. Although residents can begin with different modules, depending on the point in time they enter, they will all have been exposed to the same set of skills by the time they complete their five years of residency. We are applying for a number of grants to make this a reality! This course would be a national endeavour to provide a service to resident physicians and increase their comfort in stepping into leadership roles within their local communities, regional health authorities and on a national scope –impacting not only psychiatry residents, but also other physicians, the medical system and patients.

The two current sessions in development for the annual meeting in Quebec City are “Personal Leadership: Putting Together the Pieces of the Leadership Puzzle: Where to Find the Help You Need to become a Great Leader (Expert Panel)” and “Organizational Leadership: Public Policy and Administration.” Resident physicians, along with experts in the curriculum topic (psychiatrists, professors, community leaders) will be speakers for each of these workshops.
As mentioned earlier, we are also working on other great projects such as a Speaker’s Corner on what it means to be a Canadian (Resident) Psychiatrist. We continue to connect and create a dialogue with residents across the country on social media (contact us if you want to join!). Different topics such as David Gratzer’s “Readings of the week” and how the new marijuana legalization impacts our patient care can be found posted most recently. Feel free to jump in and comment or share some useful articles or tools.

As a committee, our mandate is to represent all psychiatry residents in the country and we are always open to hearing from you regarding what you would like to see the CPA do for you. Please feel free to contact your local representatives or any one of us on the MIT subcommittee. We look forward to serving you this year and seeing you at the annual conference in Quebec City!

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