S07 -​​ 
Eating Disorders 2020: An Update for General Adult Psychiatrists​​ 

Saturday, 24 October​​ 
13:30 – 16:45 (3 hrs plus 15 min break

Susan Abbey*,​​ MD, FRCPC; Julia Raudzus, MD, FRCPC; Genevieve Proulx, MD, FRCPC; Kathryn Trottier, PhD, CPsych; Georgios Pasklakis, MD​​ 


CanMEDS Roles:​​ 

  • Medical Expert​​ 

  • Health Advocate​​ 

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:​​ 1) List key ways of supporting acute eating disorder patients on general medical services; 2) List basic strategies to work with eating disorder patients on general psychiatric units; and 3) List considerations in working with trauma and excessive exercise with eating disorder patients.​​ 

General psychiatrists are called upon to assess and manage eating disorder patients in the absence of tertiary centre support. This may be in the form of managing eating disorder patients on general psychiatric units or assisting internal medicine colleagues to manage them when they require care because of medical instability. This symposium will provide an update on key issues in management. We will discuss the following: 1) Consultation-liaison psychiatry support of patients with severe eating disorders on a general medical ward; 2) The management of patients with severe eating disorders on a general psychiatry ward; 3) Working with trauma & enhancing emotional regulation in eating disorder patients; and 4) Excessive exercise & the eating disorder patient.


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