W08 – Top 10 Journal Articles in Psychiatry

W08 – Top 10 Journal Articles in Psychiatry

Thursday, Oct. 27
10:45 – 11:45 (1 hr)
Meeting Room: Willow (Mezzanine)
David Gratzer*, MD, FRCPC

CanMEDS Roles:

  1. Medical Expert
  2. Scholar
  3. Communicator

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 1) Better understand and appreciate the evolving psychiatric literature by considering 10 papers; 2) Better understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of these papers; and 3) Better understand and appreciate how the latest literature can inform your clinical decisions.

How can we prevent depression relapse? Is there evidence for cannabis in the care of those with mental disorders? What does the literature say about plant-based medications (phytoceuticals), like St. John’s wort? What should you say to your patient when they ask one of these questions? It’s challenging to keep up with the latest papers with so many journals – and, of course, our other obligations.

In this invited annual workshop, Dr. David Gratzer, a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) psychiatrist, reviews the top journal articles of the past year. Dr. Gratzer is well versed in the current literature; he writes a summary in his popular and award-winning Reading of the Week program (davidgratzer.com). In this workshop, he runs through important papers from big journals and not-so-big journals.

The workshop will be interactive, allowing audience members to give their own suggestions and criticisms. And there is no pre-reading required. Dr. Gratzer will summarize the papers, consider their limitations and strengths, and offer his comments about clinical considerations.

The papers will include the Hill review of cannabis (AJP) and several Canadian choices.


  1. Sarris J, Marx W, Ashton MM, et al. Plant-based medicines (phytoceuticals) in the treatment of psychiatric disorders: a meta-review of meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials. Can J Psychiatry 2021;66:849–62.
  2. Hill KP, Gold MS, Nemeroff CB, et al. Risks and benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids in psychiatry. Am J Psychiatry 2022;179(2):98–109.