W18 – Monitoring in Methamphetamine Use: Mental and Physical Health

W18 – Monitoring in Methamphetamine Use: Mental and Physical Health

Thursday, Oct. 27
15:45 – 16:45 (1 hr)
Meeting Room: Cedar (Mezzanine)
Arash Dhaliwal*, MD; Robert Kleinman, MD

CanMEDS Roles:

  1. Collaborator
  2. Medical Expert
  3. Health Advocate

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 1) Be aware of crystal methamphetamine intoxication, withdrawal, overdose, and physical and mental health effects; 2) Understand the monitoring and management approaches for the mental and physical health needs of those who use methamphetamines; and 3) Describe the treatments for methamphetamine use disorder.

Patients with methamphetamine use disorder struggle with significant mental and physical comorbidities. Increasingly, psychiatrists are challenged with the role of coordinating and managing the care of these people, needing to extend their knowledge of care from what they may have acquired in training. In addition to assisting with the treatment of co-occurring psychiatric conditions, psychiatrists should be aware of treatments for methamphetamine use disorder. Part of providing care for this population includes significant education and discussion around harm reduction practices catered specifically to methamphetamine use. Providing care for this population entails monitoring for various conditions, including infectious diseases, cardiovascular comorbidities, and psychiatric disorders, in concert with advocating for the social determinants of health for this population. Moreover, psychiatrists have an emerging role to play in providing physical care, including pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and cardiac and metabolic monitoring. This interactive workshop will consist of case-based discussions to facilitate education around monitoring and providing evidence-based physical and mental health care for patients with methamphetamine use disorders.


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