W25 – Opioid Use Disorder: Addiction Medicine Review for Psychiatrists

W25 – Opioid Use Disorder: Addiction Medicine Review for Psychiatrists

Le samedi 21 octobre
10:45 – 11:45 (1 hr)
Salle de réunion : Junior Ballroom AB (3rd floor – North Tower)
Wiplove Lamba*, MD, FRCPC; Valerie Primeau, MD FRCPC

Rôles CanMEDS :

À la conclusion de cette activité, les participants seront en mesure de : 1) Describe the impact of the opioid epidemic on patients presenting to their psychiatric practice; 2) Describe the main treatments for opioid use disorders, including harm reduction approaches, opiate agonist treatment, and psychosocial interventions; and 3) Develop a learning plan to improve proficiency in these treatments and strategies on integrating it in their practice.

Canada is the midst of an opioid epidemic, where opioid prescribing is increasing along with accidental overdose deaths of opioids. In fact, during COVID, the accidental overdose death rates due to opioids have doubled throughout the country. Some of the causes are iatrogenic in terms of opioid prescribing over the past twenty years while others are related to illicit opiate availability. Psychiatrists have an opportunity to assess and treat these patients in their outpatient practice, as well as in the emergency or inpatient environment. Given their comfort level with mental health issues, psychiatrists can also offer treatment for comorbid mental illnesses. Here we will cover the basics of an opioid assessment, risks and benefits of different treatments, harm reduction approaches, and how to initiate someone on buprenorphine/naloxone in an outpatient setting. Attendees will receive a nonindustry booklet on the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorder. This workshop will cover novel approaches to opioid use disorder, including microdosing, macrodosing, and injectable buprenorphine.

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