Who We Are

Incorporated in 1951, the CPA is the national voluntary professional association for Canada’s 4,700 psychiatrists and 900 residents and is the leading authority on psychiatric matters in Canada. The CPA serves a membership of 2,200 Canadian psychiatrists, 400 residents and 140 affiliates, of which 40 are international psychiatrists.

The vision of the CPA is a strong profession for a healthy population.

As the national voice of Canada’s psychiatrists, the mission of the CPA is to promote the highest quality of care and treatment for persons with mental illness, and to advocate for the professional needs of its members by promoting excellence in education, research and clinical practice.

As an evidence-based profession, we provide advice on the most effective programs, services and policies to achieve the best possible mental health care for Canadians and seek to work collaboratively with governments and mental health stakeholders to find solutions.