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A position paper released today by the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) outlines core skills, best clinical practices, and important ethical considerations when evaluating autonomy and consent in requests for medical assistance in dying (MAID) when mental illness is present. This new guidance, Capacity Assessments and the Assessment of Voluntariness in the ... Read More
November 23, 2023Rob Cornforth


Dr. Hygiea Casiano brings a blend of clinical, educational and research experience to her role as president of the CPA. She is both a forensic and a child and youth psychiatrist at the University of Manitoba where she is an assistant professor of psychiatry, the medical director of adult forensic ... Read More
October 21, 2023Rob Cornforth


Toronto-based researcher Dr. Danielle Baribeau was announced Saturday, October 21, 2023 as this year’s recipient of the CIHR – CPA Glenda M. MacQueen Memorial Career Development Award for Women in Psychiatry from the CIHR Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction (CIHR-INMHA) and the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA). This career development ... Read More
October 19, 2023Rob Cornforth



The CPA invites members to indicate their interest in joining a task force that will: Provide education and resources on psychiatry’s history regarding structural racism. Using an intersectional lens, explain the current impact of structural racism on the mental health of patients and of colleagues. Propose specific actions the CPA ... Read More
October 20, 2021Rob Cornforth


Starting Jan. 1, 2022, the CJP will move to an online only format for members. Your access to the latest peer-reviewed scientific articles will not change. The journal will continue to provide a forum for psychiatry professionals to share their findings with clinicians and researchers from around the world. Content ... Read More
October 14, 2021Rob Cornforth


The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is a member of HEAL, Organizations for Health Action, and officially supports HEAL’s Position Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination of Healthcare Workers. As psychiatrists, we recognize that many of the patients we care for are at heightened risk of COVID-19 infection due to poverty, homelessness, or living ... Read More
October 7, 2021Rob Cornforth


Please note: The following statement deals with topics that may be triggering. The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is deeply disturbed by the recoveries in recent months of Indigenous children from unmarked graves at residential institutions across Canada. This, along with the horrific death of Joyce Echaquan, serve as reminders of both historical ... Read More
September 30, 2021Rob Cornforth


The MOC credit reporting deadline is coming up: will you have the required 25 hours in each of the three sections of the program by the end of your five-year cycle? Register for the CPA annual conference from Oct. 14 – 16 and earn up to 16.5 section 1 credits and ... Read More
September 24, 2021Rob Cornforth



The CPA invites members to indicate their interest in joining a working group that will lead member consultation and develop a discussion paper on MAiD that examines issues such as decisional capacity, informed consent and appropriate safeguards in the context of available evidence. Co-chaired by a representative from each of the ... Read More
June 10, 2020Rob Cornforth


People with a psychiatric illness should not be discriminated against solely on the basis of their disability, and should have available the same options regarding medical assistance in dying (MAiD) as available to all Canadians, says the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) in a position statement released today. A person who is ... Read More
March 13, 2020Rob Cornforth



Toronto Star Op-ed by Dr. Wei-Yi Song, CPA President The Ontario government has proposed to limit funding for psychotherapy to 24 hours per patient per year as a means of improving access to mental health services. While some research suggests that certain physicians may be treating patients who are sometimes characterized as ... Read More
July 8, 2019Rob Cornforth



—Ottawa, ON, October 17, 2018— In light of today’s legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018, the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) wants to remind Canadian consumers to consider the mental health implications of recreational cannabis use on youth and young adults. The Cannabis Act will allow Canadians, who are 18 or ... Read More
October 17, 2018Rob Cornforth


—Ottawa, ON, October 3, 2018— The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is pleased to partner with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in their release of the CAF Clinician Handbook on Suicide Prevention. “As clinicians working on the front line of mental health services, psychiatrists strive in our efforts to create a safer ... Read More
October 3, 2018Rob Cornforth


On September 29, 2018, the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) will confer its highest award, a President’s Commendation, to all psychiatrists in Canada in appreciation for their outstanding contribution to improving the mental health of Canadians. “It is my distinct privilege to use my President’s Commendation to honour all psychiatrists in ... Read More
September 29, 2018Rob Cornforth


—Toronto, ON, September 30, 2018— Last night the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) recognized exceptional psychiatrists, psychiatric residents and individuals for their contributions to the mental health of Canadians. Dr. Lisa Gagnon from Calgary, Alberta, was awarded the CPA C.A. Roberts Award for Clinical Leadership for transforming psychiatric care in Calgary on several ... Read More
September 29, 2018Rob Cornforth


The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is pleased to announce it will be welcoming its new president, Dr. Wei-Yi Song, tomorrow night during its annual President’s Gala. Dr. Song is a consultant-psychiatrist practicing in Victoria, as well as an Assistant Program Director of Postgraduate Education with the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) ... Read More
September 28, 2018Rob Cornforth



—Ottawa, ON, April 14, 2016— The Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) is pleased that today the federal government committed to further study the unique implications of requests for medical assistance in dying (MAID) where mental illness is the sole underlying medical condition. “A more considered and less rushed approach to the complex ... Read More
April 26, 2016Rob Cornforth