Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (CJP) is moving online only

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry (CJP) is moving online only

Starting Jan. 1, 2022, the CJP will move to an online only format for members. Your access to the latest peer-reviewed scientific articles will not change. The journal will continue to provide a forum for psychiatry professionals to share their findings with clinicians and researchers from around the world. Content will be consistent as in past years, including original research, systematic review papers and analysis of ongoing developments in Canadian and international psychiatry.

The move to online only is consistent with many journals and trends across the publication industry. Printers and publishers are experiencing higher prices, delivery delays, and are challenged to meet current demands. Publishing the CJP online helps reduces deforestation, requires less water and uses less energy to produce or ship.

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Still prefer to read print? Many readers enjoy their favourite articles by simply downloading a PDF and printing at home!

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