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—Vancouver, BC, October 2, 2015— Today the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) elected Dr. Pamela Forsythe as its first-ever female Board Chair. She replaces Dr. Don Addington who has been Chair of the CPA Board since 2009. Throughout her career Dr. Forsythe has striven to reduce the discrimination and stigma around ... Read More
October 3, 2015Jadranka Bacic


Letter to the Editor, The Medical Post in response to article, "The Incredible Shrinking Profession. Psychiatry: A profession in decline?" I am writing to express my disappointment with the cover story of October 21, 2014 for The Medical Post entitled: The Incredible Shrinking Profession / Psychiatry: A profession in decline?. As you ... Read More
November 19, 2014Jadranka Bacic


Canada's Innovation Leaders, a RE$EARCH Infosource Inc. Publication by Michael Teehan, President, Canadian Psychiatric Association  
November 8, 2013Jadranka Bacic