CPA CPD Institute

Launched in 2005, the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s CPD Institute provides needs-based, high-quality CPD from a biopsychosocial perspective to Canadian physicians and other mental health care practitioners.
Provincial CPD Institutes

Provincial CPD Institutes are offered at six cites nationwide (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec) between March and November. Modules are offered either in conjunction with the annual meetings of provincial psychiatric associations, or as stand-alone events during the Innovations in Psychiatric Care: From Neuron to Clinical Practice educational series held in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. With a faculty featuring acclaimed Canadian academics and scientists, the program provides specialists with the latest advances in neuroscience and its practical application to improving clinical decision-making skills.

CPD Institutes at the CPA Annual Conference

These CPA CPD Institutes are 90-minute sessions held within the body of the scientific program of the CPA Annual Conference, which typically takes place in September or October.