Upcoming Vacancies on the Board of Directors

CPA members are advised of and invited to apply for 2023-2024 director and officer vacancies on the Board of Directors:

  • Director, Newfoundland and Labrador and office of President-Elect
  • Director, British Columbia
  • Director, Alberta
  • Director, Saskatchewan
  • Early Career Psychiatrist Director
  • Directors from the Canadian Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (CAPL) and the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CACAP)
  • Director-in-Training

The CPA encourages applications from qualified candidates of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Applications for all positions close Apr. 1, 2023 at midnight PT.

With the exception of Directors-in-Training, who serve a two-year term (non-renewable), directors serve a term of three years, or as otherwise determined by members, renewable once for a maximum of six consecutive years. The term for the office of President-Elect is one year, non-renewable. All directors assume their positions following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which their election is ratified by members.

Dr. Wei-Yi Song (British Columbia) will complete the maximum number of terms as a director so is ineligible to stand for reelection. Drs. Catherine Hickey (Newfoundland and Labrador), Doug Urness (Alberta), Stefan Brennan (Saskatchewan), Andriy Samokhvalov (Early Career Psychiatrist), Sébastien Prat (CAPL) and Jana Davidson (CACAP) are each eligible for second three-year terms.


To be eligible for any position, at the time of application and throughout their terms of office, candidates shall be members of the CPA in good standing as defined by sections 3.01 and 3.03 of the bylaws. In addition:

  • Provincial director applicants shall reside in the province. If it is also the province’s turn in the established rotation for President-Elect, applicants for provincial director must be willing and not otherwise ineligible to serve in the office of President-Elect.
  • Early career psychiatrist director applicants shall be in the first five years of practice following certification in psychiatry or a psychiatry subspecialty.
  • Applications for director from the CAPL and CACAP will be accepted from candidates who are members of both CPA and the academy in question. The CPA will validate that each candidate is a member in good standing of the academy.
  • In accordance with governance policy, the Chair-Elect of the Members-in-Training Subcommittee will be put forward as the candidate for director-in-training.

If more than one qualified application is received for a director position, the CPA will hold an election among members to identify a single candidate in accordance with the Elections Policy.

How to Apply

Candidates for the office of President-Elect and director, Newfoundland and Labrador, are asked to submit a 500-word statement of interest and 10-page curriculum vitae along with a declaration of conflicts of interest.

All other candidates need to provide a 250-word statement of interest and short biography (250 words maximum) along with a declaration regarding conflicts of interest.

Apply online for Board vacancies (applications sent by email, fax or mail, will not be accepted).