The CIHR – CPA Glenda M. MacQueen Memorial Career Development Award for Women in Psychiatry

Review Process and Evaluation

Relevance Review: Prior to peer review, CPA will perform a relevance review to ensure that applications are eligible, complete, and relevant. The results of this review will be shared with CIHR.

Review Process: This CDA will be adjudicated through a selection committee comprised primarily of members of the Research and Continuing Professional Development Committees of the CPA. CIHR-INMHA will have representation on the selection committee in an observer position. This CDA will be presented during the CPA’s annual conference or annual general meeting (AGM).

Evaluation Criteria: To support the purpose of this CDA, the following evaluation criteria will be used:

Personal Leadership (50% weighted importance)

  • Indication that the applicant is an established or emerging leader in their field as either a woman academic psychiatrist or a sponsor/mentor of women in academic psychiatry, and shows exceptional promise for the future.
  • Evidence of going above and beyond the expected norms in order to overcome obstacles, foster others, spearhead change, or otherwise demonstrate leadership.
  • Examples may include demonstrated impact and leadership potential through volunteerism, community outreach, civic engagement, involvement in academic organizations (e.g., organization of conferences, meeting) and/or charity or not-for-profit organizations, etc.

Research Contributions and Vision (25% weighted importance)

  • Demonstrated track record of significant achievement that shows the applicant’s commitment to research in psychiatry.
  • Evidence of the originality and impact of the applicant’s research relative to career stage.
  • A well-defined and well-articulated research program that demonstrates a compelling high-level vision and direction for the applicant.

Mentorship and Capacity Building (20% weighted importance)

  • Evidence of commitment and impact on women in academic psychiatry through mentoring, teaching, and supervision.
  • A description of the applicant’s teaching and mentorship philosophy.

Environment and Support (5% weighted importance)

  • A description of the research and clinical training environments, including the space, facilities and personnel support for the applicant to fully develop their leadership, mentorship and research potential over the one-year term of this award.